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Child is the most precious biological gift from God that makes the nature of the human being complete in the society. It is completely unfruitful when one shows a non-serious attitude towards something very precious.

Most parents or guardians thought that, sending the child to school and getting admission for him/her, buying and providing books pens and pencils, uniforms and sandals, giving the child money for others things in school and may be providing means of travelling to school are the only roles of parents in educating the child.
Well, doing the above is just like setting on fire, putting cooking pot on the fire, putting rice into the pot and adding enough water. At a time, the rice will be well cooked but no taste because it lack ingredients. Hence, what rather seems more important and necessary for the child`s success in life is neglected.

School kids in school

However, God is in three folds; (the father, the son and the Holy Spirit) so as the human being also in three folds in which parents or guardians need to know when training up a child. They include physical,emotional and behaviour aspects of the child.

Physical part of the child; This aspect of the child has to do with his or her dressing, hair cut, prescribed uniform and sandals schoolbag with books mathematical set with pens and pencils, means of travelling to school.
All these parents must not fail to provide
Emotional or mental aspect; this is the most important aspect that need more attention from parents orguardians and more especially the teachers. This is the engine of the child and directs the individual. this has to do with showing the child how to relate with peers the dangers and its related benefits, encouraging the child to like learning, sincerely allowing the child to patronized and always stick to books as a sources of knowledge and wisdom, routinely explaining moral life to the child, encouraging the child to always reason and think logically, telling them the importance of commitment, punctuality and being obedient to every elderly person in and outside the house, still on mental or emotional, children are always quick imitators of parents or guardians practical living so parents should show right manners in the present of their children.

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Behavior part of the child; this is where the child must be taught how to deal with certain issues respectfully. How to control anger, how he should talk public and in the way he laugh, sneeze, how the child walk be it arrogantly or humbly how the child devote his time completely to doing certain activities in school and in the house.

However, having read the above three folds of an individual, will therefore tells parents or guardians that, placing more attention on one aspect alone will result in nothing done as far as our children success is concern. When it is time to provide emotional/mental needs, do not make a mistake to provide physical needs and when it is time to pay attention to the child’s behavior, we should not still be providing emotional or mental needs.

Unfortunately, most parents put much of their time on their daily endeavor with or without giving enough time to appropriately molding up their children which is very fatal. We must note

Graduating students

That, the greater name continue to be great if only the great produce great children. Let us be observant and monitor our children growth. We should not leave everything onto the hands o the teachers.

No matter your religion, parents should schedule some prayer time purposely for their child’s success in life. as a parent or guardians, try and attend Parent Teachers Association (P.T.A) meetings, contribute effectively, what you think is education worthy. Know your child’s class teacher.
Society and the country as a whole can only become a better place if children are adequately nurtured up.
The Holy Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 that “Train up a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it’’.
Let us adhere to advices and produce good citizens today and tomorrow.


Story by: Apambe Awinsigna Richard ​
Zebilla-Upper East.

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