Friday , April 19 2019
Personnel of GNFS


Quite a number of times in Ghana, in fact, it is not worthy talking about, a lot of fire incidents. Below are few possibilities of fire outbreaks.
Pressure on electrical gadgets and illegal electrical connection can cause explosion or melting resulting in fire outbreak, overloading the gas cooker during cooking, etc.
Another cause of fire outbreak is the poor attitude of some Ghanaians at both workplace and home, not sitting close to the gas or fire during cooking, not switching off after using the electricity, not paying attention to some public regulations and cautions at some volatile areas, drunk while using the gas or stove or rice cooker.

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) personnel should be distributed to the fire volatile and pressure areas like filling stations in middle of big towns or cities, big shopping centers, industries and companies in cities centers, etc .With their strong fire extinguishing machines and cars ready to react to any fire instead of sitting in their Regional and District offices waiting for a phone call to react. Just as the Ghana police are distributed to all suspected armed robbery and crime areas like in banks, roadsides, etc.The fire service offices should also adopt this police strategy so that they will be able to effectively monitor and control fire outbreaks in the country. It is time for the fire officers to awake for mother Ghana in order to prevent previous repetition.

Personnel of the GNSF

We must note that in order to prevent an from getting lost is to follow, monitor and control it at the the greener pasture and when the animal night fall you take it home, so as to prevent fire outbreak is to follow, monitor and control fire volatile areas and when a sign is showing, you quickly react instead of sitting and waiting for a call in their offices where sometimes town” go slow” greatly affects their movement. Also changing our attitude is another great solution that can help prevent fire outbreaks. Avoid illegal connection, stop sending children to go and off the gas or fire after using, sit closer to the fire when cooking, follow or abide by public regulations or cautions, when you are drunk do not use the stove or rice cooker.

The least but not the last, the town council should do their work effectively, they should monitor the layout of buildings in towns and cities, they should not let people be building anyhow. But plan for them, they should organize synthesisation programs for citizens and builders so that they will know the dangers of an unplanned buildings. This will help create free mobility of the fire service machines during or in case of an incident.

Please, this is a concern for all, let us all stay awake and fight this fatal, misfortune incident, for it is sending mother Ghana far back.


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