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#NHGweekendSpecial : NANA YAW GH changes artistic name to YAW GLITZ + Short Interview - NewHitxGh | #1 PROMO SITE!
Monday , October 14 2019
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#NHGweekendSpecial : NANA YAW GH changes artistic name to YAW GLITZ + Short Interview

Apparently, “AKUABA” single might be the last we hear from the artist known as NANA YAW GH– any more new releases from the BNF Music general’s camp wouldn’t bear the name NANA YAW GH any longer.

Nana Yaw Gh won 3 awards @ BHEERP AWARDS 2016

A couple of weeks ago, the FDBE signed artiste on facebook following a series of posts about possibility of a name change, fulfilled it by changing his FB ussername to YAW GLITZ GH and adding that it’s going to remain his stage name for the rest of his music career life.

Join the interaction between #NHGweekendSpecial and Nana Yaw Gh YAW GLITZ about the name change and his plans.


✔ So Yaw Glitz, whats your plan for 2017? 

RESP : Planning of releasing two hot jams in addition to AKUABA making it 3, and then two videos.


✔ Whats your current source of funding bro?

RESP : My own hustle.


✔ May we know the relationship between YAW GLITZ, FDBE & BNF Music please?

RESP : BNF Music was my own record label before FDBE signed me.


✔ So you still operate BNF?

RESP : Yes please.


✔ So now tell the world your main motive behind rebranding from Nana Yaw Gh to YAW GLITZ.

RESP : I did because Nana Yaw Gh sounds too local making people think I am only a highlife artiste. But I do all these local genres as far as music is concerned. Also, I love glitz- you know glitz is a very fancy and attractive quality that is associated with rich or famous people. 


✔ Wishing you the best of Luck in your career Mr Yaw Glitz.

RESP : Thanks and much respect. Would love to extend my sincere greetings to all my loyal fans and everybody supporting. ATB (Atebubu) I got ya!


Let us know how you feel about the name change and today’s edition of #NHGweekendSpecial in the comment box below.


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